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Fleet Management 2.0

Phần mềm quản lý hành trình tàu chuyên nghiệp của PoleStar

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6.000 VNĐ

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Fleet Management 2.0
Enhance operational performance, manage risk and support compliance with Fleet Management, the mobile compatible fleet monitoring solution for shipowners, operators and charterers.
Fleet Management (FM) 2.0 is an integrated fleet tracking solution that enables shipowners, operators and charterers to monitor their fleets accurately and reliably using the ship's Inmarsat-C or a dedicated Pole Star terminal.
With FM, you get accurate satellite tracking data, powerful analytic tools and advanced mapping with zones and weather overlays, all within an easy to use web-based application that can be accessed anywhere, without downloads or installation.
Start tracking your fleet immediately using the ship's existing Inmarsat-C terminal. Alternatively, if an Inmarsat-C terminal is unavailable or unsuitable, Pole Star supplies a range of dedicated transceivers offering reliable two-way global communications.
Contact us for more information about our Fleet Management 2.0 service.

Key Features
  • Monitor your fleet from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet device
  • Track using ship’s existing Inmarsat-C terminal or Pole Star’s dedicated FM1
  • Interactive maps and weather overlays
  • Key industry zone layers
  • Regular and on-demand position reporting
  • Event-based notifications by email or SMS
  • Automatically change reporting rate in designated areas
  • Credit-based solution
  • Unlimited user logins
  • Secure & encrypted
  • User permission controls
  • Download and share reports
  • 3D Google Earth fleet view
  • Display your fleet on your website



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