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SSAS Alert Advanced


SSAS Alert Advanced


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SSAS Alert Advanced

 Alert Advanced offers a complete and dedicated SSAS solution, meeting or exceeding all requirements of the SOLAS regulation XI-2/6 and associated performance standards. The Alert Advanced package offers the end user a complete and dedicated SSAS solution, comprising the onboard hardware and the shore-based online management system.

Third-party hardware integration makes it possible to manage alerts for an entire fleet in a single system, irrespective of the make or manufacturer of the hardware installed aboard the vessel.
With the Pole Star Alert application (available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry), fleet security can be managed remotely anywhere in the world. Key features - view, poll and reset of alerts - provide immediate situational awareness, as well as the tools necessary to manage the security situation.
Secure HTTP encryption and password-protected identification ensure that sensitive data remains safe.
Contact us to activate your SSAS Alert Advanced package.

Key Features
  • Manage fleet security using a proven and reliable Ship Security Alert System
  • Set up secure logins to limit access to authorised parties
  • Access the system on BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices with the Pole Star Alert application for alerts, polling and vessel positions
  • Use email/SMS/fax for out-of-office notifications
  • Control distribution of data to designated recipients
  • Alerts, polling and vessel positions - integrate other major manufacturers' SSAS hardware in order to manage fleet security on one system

Mobile Application 



In the event of a security situation, rapid response is vital. Available on the three most popular mobile devices, the Pole Star Alert mobile application provides immediate and vital situational awareness and the tools needed to manage it.

Available now on iTunesGoogle PlayBlackBerry App World.

Pole Star's DSAS Mk2 isType Approved by most major classification societies and accepted by many major Flags.
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