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Marine Asset Tracker 2.0

Marine Asset Tracker 2.0

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Marine Asset Tracker 2.0

Real-time satellite tracking and mobile optimised fleet management software for workboat, fishing vessel and offshore oil & gas operators.

Marine Asset Tracker (MAT) 2.0 is an integrated satellite communications and software solution that enables workboats, barges, rigs, support vessels, commercial fishing boats and unpowered assets to monitor their fleets accurately and reliably.
By offering a range of SkyWave and Globalstar tracking devices that are fully integrated with the web-based software solution, MAT allows you to monitor your entire fleet in a single, global view.
The MAT software solution is web-based and mobile optimised so that you can manage your fleet from your desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet or any internet-enabled device, while event-based notifications by email or SMS keep you informed even when you are not logged-in.

Key Features





  • Manage your fleet from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet device
  • Real-time and historical tracking
  • IsatData Pro and Globalstar hardware integration options
  • Designed for workboatfishing vessel and offshore operators
  • Interactive maps and weather overlays
  • Automatic and on-demand position reporting
  • Event-based notifications by email or SMS, wherever you are
  • Flexible service plans
  • Unlimited user logins
  • Download and share reports
  • Control user permissions


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